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Instant Effects

Amazing Results
Get faster Internet speed and boost your broadband, for Free. You will get amazing results instantly and will see the results instantly.

Speed Tests
Data tests and web page loading show your real data and Broadband connection performance.

One Click
One click of the Boost button is all it takes to get faster Broadband. No questions, no tech' speak.

Unique Features

'Full Speed' tweaks around 50 Windows system settings to squeeze the best out of all parameters used in the control of data flow and data efficiency within your pc to the best possible settings.

'Full Speed' will even configure all the 'lesser' known settings which are only known and understood by Internet and pc professionals holding qualifications such as MSCE and Cisco CCNP and who have spent many years out in the field supporting, configuring, customizing and overclocking computers. Read More

Simple Design

One Click

One-click is no exageration and is really all you need to do to apply the boost. No need to answer technical questions, make decisions or know anything about anything: you just click the button to 'Boost' your Internet speed after the initial automatic tests are completed.

Intuitive interface

'Full Speed' has a simple interface making it instantly easy to use. A quick speed test is done to enable Full Speed to test and gather system settings and then you can press the Boost button to automatically apply the boost. Screenshots

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100% FREE for Life!

Free Forever

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Guaranteed 100% Clean and Safe!
NO Spyware or Viruses, no questions, no technical knowledge needed, no subscriptions, no gimmicks, no contracts, no memberships, no tracking, no pop-ups, no malware, no technical speak and no thought required. Just an instant, one-click, no-nonsense solution to resolve issues that badly affect the performance of all Broadband users.

Worldwide Compatibility

Radio DirectoryFull Speed will automatically speed up your internet broadband by tweaking more than 50 network and Internet settings, tweaking them all for the best performance possible. Full Speed also adds and/or modifies system files and registry entries to get the best performance possible. The combination of all this results in amazing speed increases and works in any country in the world.

What's New?

'Full Speed' Standard Boost software is completely free now. Speed up your Broadband for free.

PRO Boost version of the software features: Faster speeds, capability tester, no Ads, Lifetime license!

'Full Speed' Tutorial

Learn how to use 'Full Speed' and all it's features with this informative video.

faster internet speed youtube video

youtube video faster internet speed boost

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